... in a familiar setting

If you ask me, February is just still too cold for outdoor-work. But indoors, being all cozy and illuminated by a winter afternoon's sun, the beginning of my season in 2015 found a marvelous first photo shooting with quite the set of results to show for.

She was placed with the project by one of my scouts, so once more I was confronted with a model I had never actually met before the shooting. A detail that, I have to admit, I find quite intriguing in times, being up to the challenge of facing the mysterious, requiring my full skill set.
The afternoon went by in a rush, with an atmosphere contagiously cheerful and a location (a holiday flat I used before) evincing itself as inspiring as it ever was. Working with her turned out to be not only quite pleasant, but also very fruitful. She quickly gained confidence in posing and was quite nifty in adapting facial expressions following my instructions.