The male nude

If you ever spoke to our photographer, you may have asked him, whether we also do male nudes, so you may already know the answer. Experience has taught us, men are just not that interested in asking for a shooting and we usually focus on female participants during our search, to be honest, but then again: We are not shy when it comes to the male form!

The question itself, whether men are subject of our photographic work, occurs way more often than men who are interested in a photoshoot. Interestingly enough, it's mostly women who want to know, whether we're active in this field of art. And for a very long time, our answer was simply: We're not actively looking for male models, but we are not shying away from it, either.

Some time passed, before the first mixed couples came to us and stepped in front of our camera, thus also bringing the first male participants into our field of work. Unfortunately, this type of photoshoot, even more than our regular work, is usually predestined for a private use and not reserved for publication.

But now we could honestly and proudly state, that the variety in gender is part of our work.

Well and at the very latest now, with this marvellous photoshoot, done in early winter 2016, the visual proof is here: Yes, we do actually photograph men as well.

It should be mentioned, that our photographer is clearly keener on the female form, and will primarily focus on that in 2017, but it's a nice change, don't you think?