Side projects

These projects are a bit of a testing area and thus are entirely planned on a TfP basis: So you don't have to pay, just spend some free time and energy.

Naturally we can't give any guarantee:
· On shootings acutally happening
· On the quality of the results

What we can guarantee is a fun time during the photoshoot!



If you would like to participate in a project, there's a link to our contact page at the start of every entry description, that automatically selects the right information.

Or just contact us here:
· via WhatsApp (or telephone): 0157 7939 5375
· via e-mail: [javascript protected email address]

We're already looking forward to hearing from you!

Festival of Light!

This is for anyone wanting to be entangled by us:

In order to shine ever so bright!

Online since 22.11.2017

Dare more wood again

The woods-project is enhanced by some nifty accessoires.

Let's rock the spring!

Online since 28.04.2018

Instant Studio

The simplest form of analogue photography

Combined with complex lighting setups

Online since 20.02.2018