Graceful Gazelle

Our classic gig: great images, a great time and a fresh perspective onto your self. Discover your personal fineart nude photoshoot.

+ up to 3 hours of relaxed shooting-time
+ at least 10 marvelous images
+ images digitally in full resolution
+ indoor, outdoor or studio

Price: 200,00 € | 100,00 €*

Pin Up

If you keep asking, where the good old times have gone, this one is definitely for your: The retro feeling of old fashioned pin-ups!

+ up to 3 hours of calm shooting-time
+ at least 10 grand images
+ images digitally in full resolution
+ extensive pin-up post production

Price: 250,00 € | 150,00 €*

Analogue Adventure

Do you like a little retro-feeling on top? Beautiful analogue black and white images are added to the classic fineart nude shooting.

+ up to 3 hours exciting shooting-time
+ at least 12 gorgeous images
+ images digitally in full resolution
+ up to 36 analogue black and white images

Price: 300,00 € | 150,00 €*

Concept of Elegance

A whole day photoshooting just for you, including highly exclusive concepts, exciting ideas and additional features - The ultimate fineart experience

+ a day-long shooting-time just for you
+ at least 20 highly aesthetic images
+ images digitally in full resolution
+ exclusive concepts and features

Price: 750,00 €


Short on funding

Your heart beats faster for the fineart nude, but your budget doesn't allow for a photoshoot? Don't worry, that's why we have our projects!

Our numerous concepts are in need for volunteers, because we like to make sure an idea works, before integrating them into our regular program. Often you can even participate as a beginner.

Apply yourself at any time!



*prices apply to students, job-trainees and promos. All shootings available as a coupon. These options are available if requested:

+ professional prints
+ posters and canvases
+ photo-book incl. design
+ many more on request

Payable in instalments | Prices incl. VAT.