Our Nr. 100

There are some things you don't even dare to imagine when beginning a project.

Having photographed 100 people was one of these things within our work.

Entry date 20.01.2019

Cut by the censor

Social media is one tough road …

Especially for fine art nude

Entry date 14.12.2018

Into the woods

Autumn has to be the perfect season ...

to look back on the glorious summertime!

Entry date 16.08.2017

Monochrome Magnificence III

Anything we can creat digitally, we can create analogue!

Another beautiful set of black and white images, for you to look upon!

Entry date 14.08.2017

Instant Studio

Poloaroid and a studio setup - does that even work?

Our first test-run says: It does work!

Entry date 27.05.2017

Monochrome Magnificence II

Since we first introduced analogue photography, quite the number of filmrolls have been exposed.

For the first time we're gonna show you the results of one examplary photoshoot.

Entry date 19.01.2017

Something Different

Once and for all, the answer to the ageold question: Do we photograph male nudes as well?

The detailed answer, accompanied by beautiful images, for all of you, who always wanted to know!

Entry date 08.01.2017

Monochrome Magnificence

Your fotoshoot in marvelous black and white on film

Now a permanent part of our products

Entry date 19.04.2016

Cozy Winter

Inside it's cozy and warm and thanks to the winter sunlight quite the setup

Our start into the photoshoot season of 2015.

Entry date 10.02.2015