Studio Session

In case the weather won't be photographer friendly, there's always: the good old tiny home studio.

A little bit of a light setup, some peculiar accessoires and zipp zapp, the session comes together.

Eintrag vom 02.10.2022

Hotel Session

The hotel sessions have become a highly important part of the project, delivering in important aspects:

Easy access for all models, high flexibility in geographical availability and, of course: It looks amazing.

Eintrag vom 25.09.2022

History Outdoor

The year 2016 marks a turning point within the project and the communicated mindset.

The talking "being natural" should become more accessable and that required models for the message.

Eintrag vom 18.09.2022

Analogue Home Session

Black. White. Film. A fancy and quick analogue addition for every home session on occiasion.

Today, a little set with a few marvelous fineart nude portraits from the previous year.

Eintrag vom 11.09.2022

History Outdoor

The first tests with outdoor flash, a folding chair in the middle of nowhere, the sea splashing in the background ...

2016 was a wild year and it was time for some exciting new photographic experiments!

Eintrag vom 04.09.2022

 Steady Exclusive

Studio Session

Studio? Yes. But this time, with daylight! The idea was a spontaneous one, the concept a welcome change.

The images came to be as an addition to a regular studio setup with flashlights, using daylight from a window.

Eintrag vom 28.08.2022

Outdoor Session

Suns rise, summers meadow, session time. The simple sets are often the most alluring.

Even this set of the earliest morning ours provides nothing special, except every thing in it.

Eintrag vom 21.08.2022

History Outdoor

Once every year, the empty field are likely to provide a fantastic late summer location.

Accompanied by careful planning, these wonderful setups are more than worth it!

Eintrag vom 14.08.2022

 Steady Exclusive

Secret Roll I

Another important step for artistic independence: The first analogue film being scanned by own devices.

Within the project, all analogue film rolls are being digitized personally & the fun just never stops!

Eintrag vom 07.08.2022

Forest Session

Right before the summer starts, the forest is one of our most favourite spots for outdoor sessions.

This time, we are right between some cut down trees and as a bonus: In a field during the rain!

Eintrag vom 31.07.2022

The best location for fine art nudes? Often enough it is simply right where people created a home.

Because these are the places, where passion can be found not only within the photos, but within the interieur design.

Eintrag vom 03.07.2022

Studio Session

Working in the home studio has a smaller, but not insignificant place within the realms of the project.

Especially since it's the best way to work creatively during the cold months of the year.

Eintrag vom 15.05.2022

Analogue Session

Every year, for about 4 weeks, there is a chance to shoot some images in the iconic yellow fields.

And what is the best way to capture the iconic colorful sight? Exactly: Analogue black and white film.

Eintrag vom 08.05.2022

 Steady Exclusive

Hotel Session

We are proud to present a set that has been exclusively produced for the steady support community.

The images were take during a hotel session that was just as weird as it was wonderful.

Eintrag vom 30.04.2022

Forest Session

With a big forest so cloe and the number of possibilities it provides, forest sessions are always in fashion.

In 2021 we found this little gem of a place, including a small brook and fallen trees all around it.

Eintrag vom 24.04.2022

Beach Session

They do exist: the almost perfect summer days with a sunset so breathtaking and magnificent light.

And on days like these, we are gladly taking our time and invest more than the usual three hours for a session.

Eintrag vom 17.04.2022

 Steady Exclusive

History Studio

Sessions in a studio environment joined the active repertoire a bit later during the first years of the project.

Nevertheless, the early tests and experiments with artificial light sources proved to be quite good results, to be seen here.

Eintrag vom 03.04.2022

Home Session

Ah, one of the core elements within the project: A relaxed home session, free of any stress and hassle.

The comfort of the own home can provide a very good setup for a lot of models during their first time in front of the camera.

Eintrag vom 27.03.2022

Analogue Session

More often than not, spending money on quality material has a significant effect on the final result.

And so the steep price for a roll of Kodak Porta 800 finds its justification in the images it produces.

Eintrag vom 05.02.2022

Analogue Session

Color Negative Film. When analogue photography turns up the heat on the challenge.

Good results in color negative images require a sensitivity for the light situation and color temperature.

Eintrag vom 20.01.2022

Analogue Session

In 2021, more analogue film has been used than in any other year before. It's a tricky medium, no doubt.

Slowly, but surely, I feel like I get the hang of this. And for the first time I like to say: It's getting better.

Eintrag vom 19.01.2022

History Analogue

Here's a little throwback, while we wait for the 2021 results in analogue photography.

The year: 2016. The film: a simple apx black and white. The photographer: clueless about anything analogue.

Eintrag vom 26.12.2021

 Steady Exclusive

History Outdoor

During our first years, almost every session added something new and unique to our little project.

And so the first tattooed model was our first hired professional model as well.

Eintrag vom 09.11.2021

 Steady Exclusive

History Home

The first version of our website went online in 2012. Since then, the portfolio has become more sophisticated.

This set dates back to 2014, a time when the project became more and more publicly recognisable.

Eintrag vom 10.10.2021

 Steady Exclusive

Field Session

Our little, very literal, field trip took place with nothing but a folding chair, leading us out into the emptiness.

This second session was a spontaneous idea, a little bonus with the same model from 2 days before then.

Eintrag vom 09.10.2021

History Home

From our archive: A home session dating back to 2015, redone in our current post-production style.

Once more we present images, that have never before been released!

Eintrag vom 03.10.2021

Beach Session

Sunshine, summer, captains hat. A funny little accessoires for a classical session scenario.

Despite some mixed weather, the right attitude provided the base for these excellent summer motives.

Eintrag vom 27.07.2021

Horse Session

Two models on two horses? Even for us, that's an absolute new experience.

Have a look at the marvelous images from one of our biggest photographic adventures to that day!

Eintrag vom 18.07.2021

Manor House Session

Sometimes, it's our models who are lucky enough to provide a marvelous location for a session.

In this case, the atmospheric manor of Klein Grabow was available for a session.

Eintrag vom 09.07.2021

Forest Session

One of the favourite locations with the woods of the K├╝hlung near K├╝hlungsborn

This being a wonderful summer session showing of all the marvelous details of that location.

Eintrag vom 07.07.2021