Steady Exclusive

Death of a camera II

Since I don't develop and check each analogue film individually, the "dieing" camera suffered for quite some time, unrecognized.

And so this session shows signs of mechanics degrading within and yet, there is quite a lot of beauty in these images.

Eintrag vom 25.02.2024

Not Connected

"Hey why not taking that old phone with us!", must have been my thought, right before we went into this session out there in the wild.

Bringing unusual props to a location sounds so simple, yet more often than not the idea even enters my mind, unfortunately.

Eintrag vom 18.02.2024

Carry no Luggage

The last session in a hotel room in 2022. The images I created there have been lit by the lamps and lights of the room.

Where that wasn't enough, a few speedlights were added to bringt more light into it. There's always a way to create something good.

Eintrag vom 11.02.2024

 Steady Exclusive

Death of a Camera

Yes, I know, very dramatic, yet there is something to behold in this: An analogue camera signaling the end of its own era.

Small faults in exposure, light leaks, half a frame in shadow - listening to the last song of a small mechanical wonder.

Eintrag vom 04.02.2024

 Steady Exclusive

A Bath of Roses

In a time of trying new things with joy and enthusiam, this magnificent little set came to be. With real petals and real milk.

Well, a few gallons worth, to color the warm bath water white, in order to keep a nice temperature for the model amongst the roses.

Eintrag vom 28.01.2024

 Steady Exclusive

Meet Me at the Hotel, Nr. 2

Not every location is aesthetically pleasing in all corner. Sometimes you might have to choose one corner and make the most of it.

To fully utilize the locations potential, I had to bring in speedlights, which makes this more of a studio session anyway.

Eintrag vom 21.01.2024

Meet me at the Hotel

Sometimes, the ambition to try something new is not coming from within, but from the circumstances that surround us.

In this case it was the switch to a different chain of hotels as a location will be as unique as the images themselves.

Eintrag vom 14.01.2024

 Steady Exclusive

History Studio

Quite the shiny idea we had there. A model covered in body oil from head to toe reflects a lot of light in your small town studio.

The whole concept was a lot of fun and interesting to try out, but overall, not much came of this, as we dropped the concept later.

Eintrag vom 07.01.2024

 Steady Exclusive

History On Location

While looking for new and exciting perspectives, there have been a number of strange ideas during the last few years.

But it's just the joy of experimenting with these strange little concepts, that uncover fun new possibilities and motives.

Eintrag vom 03.12.2023

 Steady Exclusive

Secret Roll

Not only due to the high prices, PORTRA film is used less and less within the project and our analogue ideas & sets.

Which makes the current set appear even more valuable! In our secret roll category: A roll of Portra800 from 2022

Eintrag vom 26.11.2023

 Steady Exclusive

Triple Feature

It's one of these Sets that required a lot of luck and a lot of good planning aligning in a spectacular way.

Brought together as a special release, we are presenting all images combined in our very first triple feature!

Eintrag vom 19.11.2023

 Steady Exclusive

Triple Feature

It's one of these Sets that required a lot of luck and a lot of good planning aligning in a spectacular way.

Brought together as a special release, we are presenting all images combined in our very first triple feature!

Eintrag vom 18.11.2023

 Steady Exclusive

Triple Feature

It's one of these Sets that required a lot of luck and a lot of good planning aligning in a spectacular way.

Brought together as a special release, we are presenting all images combined in our very first triple feature!

Eintrag vom 17.11.2023

 Steady Exclusive

Akt Video

There's a fair bit of movement joining the project. Quite literally, since the step from photography to videography has been taken.

The first entry for this amazing new adventure was shot in February of 2022 and premieres here exclusively.

Eintrag vom 23.07.2023

 Steady Exclusive

Midweek Madness

Everytime the project appears a bit to quiet in the front, there's most likely something happening in the back.

And this time, this year, there is one major thing that pulls all the attention and energy: The new studio.

Eintrag vom 10.05.2023

 Steady Exclusive

History On Location

February. Berlin High Rise. And an opportunity to create this set in truly magnificent winter sunlight.

Some sets never seem as far away in years as they actually are, so clearly are they remembered.

Eintrag vom 07.05.2023

History On Location

Accessoires come in all shapes and colours - accompanied by a healthy portion of curiosity

Because sometimes new ideas need to envelop you, before they can take hold and be manifested.

Eintrag vom 30.04.2023

 Steady Exclusive

Outdoor Session

Get all your accessoires and get some fresh air into your lungs! So many models come here just for a session.

Well, maybe not just for the session, but they surely don't pass on the opportunity, when it comes up.

Eintrag vom 23.04.2023

History Studio

A very important role within the project falls to the diversity of models on display in our portfolio.

The variety in body shapes is the best way to appeal to a high number of women that are potentially interested.

Eintrag vom 16.04.2023

History Outdoor

Fall and photographing outdoors, a rare combination, but so refreshing, when it comes to be.

Thus providing a set that mostly consist of autumns orange and deep blue tones combined.

Eintrag vom 09.04.2023

Outdoor Session

A short safari along the baltic coast. All that is needed, is the right outfit (a hat) and away we roam.

This is simply the best way to discover the local wilderness. And it leaves enough time for photos.

Eintrag vom 02.04.2023

History Outdoor

It's a bit hard to believe, but this set was captured in October in 2018. That's right: In October!

And when the summer holds on for that long in a year, that's all the more reason to make the most of it.

Eintrag vom 26.03.2023

History On Location

Onehundred different models. This was a very beautiful moment, especially for me as a photographer.

Until then, I more or less just jumped from session to session. But this number brought on a realization.

Eintrag vom 19.03.2023

 Steady Exclusive

Outdoor Session

Cool little session around a bit of bling bling. A quick number of photos about a shiny little accessoire.

Of course, the marvelous late summer evening light is all inclusive with this cool photo set.

Eintrag vom 12.03.2023

History Beach

Empty beach, sun going down, best location every! A quiet beach session is just a timeless classic.

Here we have a cute little set of images from 2018, simple yet marvelously worked out.

Eintrag vom 05.03.2023

History Outdoor

A late summers field and the sea on a windless day. Two occasions that shouldn't be missed out on.

Getting the opportunity to photograph both on the same day and you can regard yourself truly fortuneous.

Eintrag vom 26.02.2023

 Steady Exclusive

Studio Session

Right next to the studio set with daylight, there's also the classical set of good old fashioned flash light.

So now we are finishing this marvelous set and these flashlight images are, of course, absolutely exclusive.

Eintrag vom 19.02.2023

Hsitory Outdoor

A little bit of danger, a little bit of adventure and a keen eye on your surrounding at all times.

That's what it's like, when entering the public space for a fineart nude session. But it is so worth it!

Eintrag vom 12.02.2023

Hsitory Mixed

Indoor? Outdoor? Both! With enough time on your hands, there really is no limit to sets in a day.

In this case, just a few studio poses done, before heading out into the woods for round two.

Eintrag vom 05.02.2023

Studio Session Update

Sometimes, even when aiming to be thorough, small misunderstandings find their way into a process.

In this case, regaring the images that are allowed to be shown to the general audience.

Eintrag vom 29.01.2023

History Home

So this is what it looks like, when unlikely warm weather provides a multitude of possibilities.

A whole home session that includes the whole home: From the living room over the kitchen to the balcony.

Eintrag vom 22.01.2023

History Home

Fun little home session and just to spice things up, working with a hobby model once again.

This set also features the battery studio flash being used at the models home. Quite new at that time.

Eintrag vom 15.01.2023

 Steady Exclusive

Secret Roll

A self digitized color negative film from 2022. As mixed as the light was, so are the resulting shots.

The work remains quite exciting, nonetheless. Which is mostly due to the exciting surprises withheld within.

Eintrag vom 08.01.2023

Hotel Session

Short and fun little session in a hotel room. And for a change of course within the project: A new hotel!

Since winter time doesn't provide much daylight, working with the hotel rooms light proves ideal.

Eintrag vom 25.12.2022

History Double Feature II

Three weeks later - and the time called for the next session in order to document the spectacular change.

Experience the astounding double feature with the most exciting change in hairstyle between to sessions so far.

Eintrag vom 18.12.2022

History Double Feature I

Time was of the essence - the dreads were meant to go and we barely had the chance for one session.

Experience the astounding double feature with the most exciting change in hairstyle between to sessions so far.

Eintrag vom 11.12.2022

History Mixed

Waited to long - collected to many ideas. The only choice left, is to do all of them in one session.

The results of a fun mix like that are collected in this neat little entrance in our history section.

Eintrag vom 04.12.2022

 Steady Exclusive

Outdoor Session

Since a car as a prop comes with its own light sources, it comes in handy even after the sunset.

The exclusive second round of images, set on a warm summers eve with provided stagelights.

Eintrag vom 27.11.2022

History Outdoor

The best late summer location ever: straw bales in the early evening sun on the empty fields around.

Each year, the search for the ideal spot begins anew, but every year, it is also worse the time spent!

Eintrag vom 20.11.2022

Outdoor Session

There's nothing that wouldn't make an interesting prop for a session, especially your own car!

And during a warm summer evening, a real number of cool images can be created.

Eintrag vom 13.11.2022

History Outdoor

A session in the forest can be a fascinating thing, highly depending on the weather for a certain look.

Seasonal aspects as well as the best time of day play a lot into catching the perfect light for your images.

Eintrag vom 06.11.2022

 Steady Exclusive

Outdoor Session

Bling Bling. If you want to shine bright like a diamond, better go out into the summer sunlight.

This was just a little fun session out at the seaside, under the summer sun, a little cool thing in between.

Eintrag vom 30.10.2022

 Steady Exclusive

History Studio

In search of new ideas, some novel concepts do come around with a lot of promise.

"Polaroids in studio light" are technically achievable, yet they are accompanied with a lot of effort and high costs.

Eintrag vom 23.10.2022

Outdoor Session

Get up early, accept the risk of the sun being unpredictable, and face the challenge nevertheless.

Even any morning with little to no sun will still be a fantastic start into the day, if you add fine art nude photography.

Eintrag vom 16.10.2022

 Steady Exclusive

History Home

Working with semi professional models was a very late edition to the range of the projects work.

And although we primarily work with new and unexperienced models, we're also not excluding anyone.

Eintrag vom 09.10.2022

Studio Session

In case the weather won't be photographer friendly, there's always: the good old tiny home studio.

A little bit of a light setup, some peculiar accessoires and zipp zapp, the session comes together.

Eintrag vom 02.10.2022

Hotel Session

The hotel sessions have become a highly important part of the project, delivering in important aspects:

Easy access for all models, high flexibility in geographical availability and, of course: It looks amazing.

Eintrag vom 25.09.2022

History Outdoor

The year 2016 marks a turning point within the project and the communicated mindset.

The talking "being natural" should become more accessable and that required models for the message.

Eintrag vom 18.09.2022

Analogue Home Session

Black. White. Film. A fancy and quick analogue addition for every home session on occiasion.

Today, a little set with a few marvelous fineart nude portraits from the previous year.

Eintrag vom 11.09.2022

History Outdoor

The first tests with outdoor flash, a folding chair in the middle of nowhere, the sea splashing in the background ...

2016 was a wild year and it was time for some exciting new photographic experiments!

Eintrag vom 04.09.2022

Studio Session

Studio? Yes. But this time, with daylight! The idea was a spontaneous one, the concept a welcome change.

The images came to be as an addition to a regular studio setup with flashlights, using daylight from a window.

Eintrag vom 28.08.2022

Outdoor Session

Suns rise, summers meadow, session time. The simple sets are often the most alluring.

Even this set of the earliest morning ours provides nothing special, except every thing in it.

Eintrag vom 21.08.2022