Exciting ideas coming to life!

The technical aspect admittedly sound a bit wild, especially for anyone who knows a thing or two about the components involved. But the results of our first run are voicing a clear message: We are on the right path and this might just lead to integrating a polaroid fotoshoot into our regular program. And if this has caught your fancy, we are still looking for a model for the second run ...

Any open-eyed fan of the project has, of course, seen the project "Instant studio" on our side project page. And while this idea is not quite there yet in its development, the first images really make our photographic hearts race.

Yes, the premiere might have left us with a whole bunch of under- or even un-developed prints, because it is just not that easy to make all parts play together in harmony, like we thought.

The flash of the instant camera (in our case, a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and a Polaroid 635CL) is supposed to trigger the studio flashlights, without shining a light on our main subject, thus compromising the whole light setup. And this involves a bit of trickery, as well as a high risk for a broken photographer's finger, trying to hold the camera, cover the flash (but not completely) and then pressing the trigger.