What is
our goal

We devoted ourselves to a goal that is as intriguing as it is beautiful: using fine-art nude photography to achieve more than just great images for our models.

What we like to accomplish it increasing the self-image of ours models, by showing you a new perspective upon yourself, thus providing a possibility to get to know yourself anew.

Our motto "Because you are beautiful" also means e.g. next to no make up during photo-shoots and no body manipulation via Photoshop. We put you on display in your most beautiful and authentic form!

Get more questions answered in our F.A.Q. / shooting guide section or just ask us anything directly.


How can I see
more of the blog

The blog is our war to say thank you. Which is why, first and foremost, it is created and accessible for people who, in their very own way, supported our work and the project.

This includes, as of now, mostly our models, our modelscouts as official supporters, as well as very close friends and colleagues, who supported us in any number of invaluable ways.

All these people get access to a more detailed insight into our work and even more exclusive images to marvel upon. And we have a way to give something back to our community.

If you have supported the project, but don't have a a login received yet, please contact us directly.


What happens
on Instagram

Fine-art nudes and Instagram usually don't mix that well, not with all those policies at least (especially those concerning censorship).

Still, we would like to use that platform as a base as well, giving clients and models and everyone else the opportunity to inform themselves and grasp the concept we represent.

So this is why we took on the task to create an Instagram account about fine-art nudes. In our Stories we share current events and projects and the account itself displays a selection of our work.

More information and details can be found on our Instagram account, of course.


What happened
so far

Milestones of the "Concept Of Elegance"-project, which this far consist of:

July1987Birth of the photographer
Aug.2009"Concept of Elegance" is established
Nov.2011The first version of the website goes online
July2012The first modelscout joins the project
June2013The first nudes-exhibition in Berlin
Aug.20145-year anniversary Concept Of Elegance
Mar.2015Photo-shoot of the 50th new model
Aug.2016We add analogue photography to our repertoire
Sep.2018We photograph our 100th new model