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Supporting the project and our work is now available for everyone!

We can always use a variety of materials and services for our work from the listed vendors. All support is voluntary and accepted without compensation or promise of compensation in any form

By purchasing coupons for an amount of your choosing you can help us realising our creative vision. Simply send it / have it send to our adress:

Concept Of Elegance
Paul Kruth
Kägsdorfer Landweg 6A
18225 Kühlungsborn


Order a coupon from MeinFilmLab, to support our needs in developing and digitalising analogue films.

Order a coupon from macodirect, to fund new analogue and polaroid films for our projects.

You may also simply write a mail at:
[javascript protected email address] in order to get more information about ways to support the project.

Blog Login

The blog is an exclusive are for our models. Which is why the advanced access is only granted to those, who found themselves in front of our camera.

If you are already a model with us, yet haven't received your Login data from us, just leave us a short message!

There is not alternative way to receive login credentials. We have made the text part and one image on each entry public for all to enjoy.

If you'd like to become a model, just contact us at any time!

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