Frequently asked questions

In case we haven't had the pleasure yet, I'd like to seize this opportunity to answer the most common and important questions I have encuntered so far.

The shootingguide is a cooperation of models and associatesand its main purpose is to help you as a model, honest and direct, while working with professional photographers.

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Shootings in general – A little photo-etiquette

"What's the price?"

"Do I have to bring the money in cash?"

"Does the price include the hair/make-up, props and a studio?"

"What can I prepare for the shooting?"

"How do I dress?"

"Who will attend the shooting?"

"Do you do TfP? (general)"

Nude-photography - you haven't seen yourself like this

"Why me, as a model?"

"Why you as a photographer?"

"Where will the shooting take place?"

"Can I bring someone along? (A friend, maybe)"

"What can I do to prepare for the shooting?"

"Do I have to shave for the shooting?"

"Do you do TfP or pro bono work? (Nude-photography)"

Before we begin - What to expect in the shooting

"Do I have a say in what will be photographed?"

"Is there a problem with me not having any professional experience in front of a camera?"

"What about my "problem areas" - should I tell you what I don't want to see on the images?"

"Isn't it difficult between photographer and model, does it get tensed?"

"Will we still be able to look into each others eyes afterwards?"

During the shooting - so excited

"What if you are disappointed in me, when I'm undressed, because you expected something else?"

"What if I'm not comfortable with a pose or a motive?"

"What do you do, if a model is uncomfortable during a shooting?"

"How can I open up for the shooting, without feeling exposed?"

After the shooting - pleased and confident

"What happens with the pictures?"

"Are they going to end up online?"

"What rights do I have and what rights do I have to give up?"