We are an art project

We think, fine art nude photography is about more than just the beautiful images that we create.

We consider our work in this field a humble part into self empowerment, the way to develop more attention and trust into your own capabilities, body and mind.

The way this is achieved is by giving you a new perspective onto yourself, increasing the flair for your own body and self, adding positivity to your perception.

Our Motto "Because You are Beautiful" stands for images that are authentic and show you just the way you are, aided by a professional guidance at the set, natural apearing poses and strictly without photoshop.

You can finde a more detailed look into this in our FAQs or you can simply email us directly.


Why the red gazelle

Our logo, the red gazelle, represents the most important aspects of our projects philosophy.

The gazelle, as an animal, stand for grace and elegance in every moment, power and expressiveness in everything it does. These are characteristics that we like to bring into our images as well.

We replace the perceived vulnerability from the unveiled body with pride and self-evident naturalness in the images we ultimately create with our models.

The stylized and powerfull lines of the logo design stand for a clear form, reduced to its basic components. No embellishment, no decor, just the way we like to show our models in their pictures.

Even more questions are answered in our FAQs or you can simply email us directly.


What's the deal
with the blog

This is our way to say Thanks, to all those people that are a part of the project in any way.

This mainly includes our brand ambassadors, all ouf our models, but also those who participate in out work in one way or another, without being a model in the classical way.

These people get the opportunity to experience our work in more detail. Which is our way to give back to our community, thus bringig it closer together.

Since we don't want interested people to fall out of the loop, a huge part of each blog entry can be seen and read publicly, so anyone can get a closer look into our work.

If you already support of have supported the project in a major way and didn't receive login credentials, please contact us.


What happens
on Instagram

Fine-art nudes and Instagram usually don't mix that well, not with all those policies at least (especially those concerning censorship).

Still, we would like to use that platform as a base as well, giving clients and models and everyone else the opportunity to inform themselves and grasp the concept we represent.

So this is why we took on the task to create an Instagram account about fine-art nudes. In our Stories we share current events and projects and the account itself displays a selection of our work.

More information and details can be found on our Instagram account, of course.