The Photographer

Paul Kruth

Naturally, an art project dealing in fine art nude photography needs one thing for sure: Someone taking the photos.

This role is filled by me. Sind 2009 I have been working behind the camera on concepts of photographing fine art nudes.

During this time I have not only optimizied the process itself, in order to provide a fantastic experience for the people in front of my camera, but also tried to include new elements and ideas, not least thanks to the growing community, that has formed around the idea of self empowerment through fine art nudes.

So there is almost no question I can not answer!
Feel free to mail me: [javascript protected email address]

Chief Model Scout


Juliane Porm

We may not be a multinational conglomerate, but she still holds the role of our chief content officer.

Since our work includes so much more than photography these days, she takes care ot all content matters, that are not fine art nudes.

Juliane has been an essential part of the team since 2011 and unites quite the number of models she has brought into the project, and quite a lot of brand ambassadors as well. Her work reaches from the shaping the overall message of our project over to visualizing and steering towards a wholesome future of the work we are planning on doing.

Do you have any questions concerning our philosphy or a shooting?
Feel free to mail her: [javascript protected email address]


The brand ambassadors

Part of a grwoing community

What we call brand ambassadors, are all those wonderful people who support the project and engage with potential models.

They all stood in front of the camera themselves within the project, so they know what they talk about, when they talk about the project

Their own shootings are the basis for their enthusiasm and their motivation to accompany ptoential models on their way to the project. At this point we are counting 12 active ambassadors in our community, not counting all the models that are on their best way to join these ranks by talking to potentially interested people.

If you are wondering how to spot our brand ambassadors, the most likely sign to recognize them is by the red gazelle the are wearing in some way.


What happened
so far

Die "Concept Of Elegance"-Meilensteine:

Juli1987Birth of the photographer
Aug.2009"Concept of Elegance" is established
Nov.2011The first version of the website goes online
Juli2012The first modelscout joins the project
Juni2013The first nudes-exhibition in Berlin
Aug.20145-year anniversary Concept Of Elegance
Aug.2016We add analogue photography to our repertoire
Sep.2018We photograph our 100th new model
Aug.2019The project celebrates its 10th birthday
Nov.2019We're creating the 200th photoshoot
März2020The coldest photoshoot happens at 9° outdoors
März2020We're out for out first snow-session